W2RN has a range of weight loss products available, including our new range of supplements.

The W2RN range of supplements are all natural and free of, fillers, colourants, flavourants (except the powdered supplements), preservatives and nasty chemicals.

We choose to go this route in spite of cost to give our clients a top drawer product that they can trust to achieve the required results.

Being natural they take a little longer for your body to respond than straight up chemical brands. But there in lies the benefit of long term health!

We have over 50 products.

Should you be on a complicated chemical stack of prescribed medication and you have a specific need, we will design just the right supplement that will work for you without upsetting your chemical stack of medicine. Chat to us at your consultation.

All our supplements are only health practitioner expediences. So they can only be bought from W2RN.

Our supplements can only be bought inside the borders of South Africa.

We have a courier company that moves our supplements around SA. Example, a client in Cape Town may pay R99.00 for delivery from our offices in JHB, to Cape Town.

Find out more about our supplements and other products.