About Robert

The transformation that Robert has achieved has given him renewed energy, so much so that he cannot stop talking about it. Robert is striving to get as close to perfect for his body as he can be, as he enters his sixties!

Where Robert started: At the age of 52 he suffered from obesity (weighing 160 kg’s). He was on chronic medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was diagnosed with type II diabetes. He also suffered from serious water retention in his legs, joint ache & inflammation, high acid, and he was in the beginning stages of sleep apnoea. Now you can just imagine how this affected his life. Every day he would ‘crash’ by lunchtime and had little energy for social activities. He tried and spent 10’s of thousands on diet after diet, miracle tablets, and all failed.

He started on a journey of finding the right eating plan, learning the do’s and don’ts of food choices, portions, cooking methods, and better lifestyle habits. After only 12 months from 16 April 2012 to 15 April 2013, Robert lost 82 kg’s! His doctor discontinued all his chronic medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, acid, and inflammation in December 2012!

Robert has learned what the human body is capable of. In his 30’s, he competed at a national level in sport and was a professional cyclist, cycling up to 1000km a week, for many years (before a hit and run changed this). By the time Robert turned 50, he was enormous, exhausted, his health was fading and he was desperate. But, after losing all his weight (over 80 kg’s), with very little exercise, he did not like the way he looked and since his energy levels were improving, he decided to start to train again.

This revitalised his energy and Robert’s zest for life has not stopped growing since. His goal is to trim down to 10% body fat, with good muscle-to-body topography, to compete in the muscular fitness division of bodybuilding.

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